How to Get
Rid of Water Hammer?

Water Hammer is a condition that occurs in buildings with copper water supply pipes a banging sound when a tap is turned off of a loud squealing sound with a tap on or when a washing machine is working or filling. Water hammer can be reduced or eliminated completely by one or more methods High pressure can be a one cause, loose pipes another or faulty plumbing components another.
So how do we eliminate water hammer?
There are several methods which can be used:
1) Securing pipes
2) Toilet Cisterns
3) Hot water heaters
4) Hammer arrestors

When placed near the source of the hammer say near a washing machine supply pipe or washing machine tap. This will help reduce water hammer.
Fixed and variable pressure limiting and reduction valves. Valves can be fitted where the water supply enters the property to reduce the water pressure. By reducing the pressure the flow rate remains about the same only the pressure is different there will sometimes be a very slight reduction in flow. This reduction in pressure will have a marked effect on the water hammer completely eliminating or at least reducing it.
Fitting plastic water pipes. When plastic pipes are fitted to the property the most common clanging banging type water hammer is not present.

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